2005-01-06 04:47:50 (UTC)

More Snow! =)

It keeps snowing sooo damn much! And i'm actually kinda
excited about it, lol. For one, we MIGHT just possibkly
have a snow day tomorrow if the school system decides to
be nice to us for once, AND if it keeps snowing, maybe
we'll be able to go snowboarding sometime again. I don't
know about u, but i'm determined to get it right sometime.
It seems like so much fun! lol
So anyways, my New Years was pretty good. I hung out with
Sean after work and Jeremy and Aaron came over. We didn't
really do much but i'm kinda glad cuz there were so many
drunk drivers out and i didn't wanna get involved w any of
them. Plus, i didn't wanna get drunk or anything either.
Uck. We drove around a little bit to pick some ppl up from
this one house and omg, we almost got hit by one of those
drunk drivers. He was swirving in our direction all over
the road and shit and we were like oh shit, thats not
good. Finally, he was able to pass us. We stopped in the
middle of the road and just watched him. It was so funny
cuz after we watched him for a while he swirved right into
a ditch. Lmao, yeah thats what he gets, lol. So yeah,
thats pretty much it. At midnight I kissed Sean cuz u know
Tradition and all and ofcourse, cuz i wanted to! Lmao! So
yeah, thats pretty much it. Over the winter break i was
sick for a good portion of it and i had to work for half
of it too so it kinda sucked. I got to hang out w Sean
like everyday though, so thats all that matters to me,
lol. So yeah, guess i'm gonna go. Later!

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