2005-01-06 03:04:01 (UTC)

Winter Storm Warning

So there is this big storm warning for the GTA. thats
really the most extreame weather we get with the exception
of a few rain storms but really nothing big, nothing
catstrophic. What makes people choose to live on fault
lines, or at the base of a volcano, or even so close the
the ocean that hurricanes and title waves can whipe away
everything you have. Even the middle of Texas right in
Tornado Ally... I mean really are you looking for
trouble??? But then is it worth it? To be able to look
up and a beautiful mounting... or to see the ocean every
morning. Whats that saying? Is the juice worth the
squeeze??? sometimes I wonder if I am to causious, if I
play everything safe to avoid getting hurt. It's not bad,
but how much fuller could my life be if I really lived
it. Insted of waking up, going to my job, coming home,
doing mindless work that needs to be done for the next
day, going to sleep and then doing it all over again.
Maybe I should move... I could go to Japan and teach
English... do you know you don't need to know a word of
Japanese to teach? Although it would be hard not to be
able to communicate with students. I don't know maybe I
will start too look into that.


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