My Social Life, Love Life, and Other Hop
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2005-01-06 01:56:13 (UTC)

My Three Friends

This is an original work written by me on Jan. 1, 2005.

Blood red
Lips blue
So long it went on
But no one knew
Skin cold
Soul gone
They say oh that's too bad
Then they move on
Eyes blank
Staring at them
Accusing pleading hating
She'll never be hurt again
No love then
No love now
She took her life
And this is how
Hello my friends
Pills so dear
Wash it down
End is near
So impatient
Speed it up
Sweet pain
As she cut
Slice the wrists
Don't be scared
This rage
Never shared
Now it's too late
No time to regret
Her fate her destiny
Has been met

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