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2005-01-06 01:53:39 (UTC)

Today Could Have Been the Day

This is an original work by me written on August 28, 2004.

Darkness eats at my soul
What I'm feeling
No one knows
Everything is a lie
I hide everything inside
Wishing that I'd die
Lying here in silence I begin to elt go
What's I'm feeling still no one knows
Look in the mirror what do I see
Fat stupid bitch staring back at me
No one can know
Never find out
The darkness turns from a whisper
Into a shout
Even when I try
To be happy
In the back of my mind
I wish I could die
My friends are leaving
For others better than me
I've changed too
And this is the fee
Pain is wonderful
It means I'm alive
Everytime I slash my wrists
With my knife
Maybe they know
Maybe they don't
I can't stand living
Like this anymore
As I'm lying here on the floor
Giving up life
I can't feel my legs
The light is beginning to fade
It's ending now
This whole facade
Then I can hear
Someone coming near
I awaken; come back
I was so close
It was almost over
Why couldn't they have gone
Today could have been the day.