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2005-01-06 01:49:33 (UTC)

All Along

This is an original work written by me on August 28, 2004.

I can't stand
On my own
Any longer
I need
much stronger
to help me
to carry this
burden of life
only one knows
how close i was (I am)
to letting go
i thought she could help
I was wrong
I've been alone all along
I've been alone all along
I loved him
With all of my soul
It took so long
to let him go
I thought he loved me too
I was wrong
He didn't love me at all
I was alone all along
All along
All along
My family is the worst
They have no clue
When I'm locked away
They don't know
What I do
Cutting and slashing
Hurting myself
I feel so much better
So oh what the hell
My mother tried to help
She thought she could get through
She was wrong
Still she never knew
I was alone all along
All along
I was alone
I'm alone
I'll always be alone
All along.