2004, How I Forgot Thee.
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2005-01-06 01:26:11 (UTC)


Promised I'd talk about them so here goes...

Basically spiders began many thousands of years ago
with webs as a serious of walkways, used to traverse the
grass strands. These were made sticky, to stop the spiders
falling off.

Scientists (people I greatly respect)believe a
grasshoper or some sort or bug landed in the web and became
trapped, the spider feasted on this animal. Here came the
idea for the spiders that webs could be used as a weapon.

Fast foward to a few hundred years where webs are
now used as a sort of hunting lodge. Spiders stored food
(carcasses) and other things in a web, as well as using
them for a home. So now webs were being used in the attack
of prey. But more was to come....

*Flash* Few hundred later, spiders develop the
spiral web, now used as the sole way to catch prey.
Absolutly wonderful with the whole evolution scene, but
here comes the fantastical part.

Hundred or two later, spiders have developed a new
web. One that is compiled of a series of tripwires,
completly made of sticky strands. Now I know what your
thinking, "whats so good about that?" Spiders have made a
full circle! Evelutionary repition, round and round. Over
and over. One and the other. Again and again. ALPHA TO

I'm wondering if we'll ever make that move, with
communications mostly. Speech (ooga booga), to drawing (
cave art), to writing (the early writings), to speech
(phone), to drawing (art, exprecionistic mostly), to
writing (email) to speech (internet conference) and so on
and so on....

Wow, evelutionary repition!

Oh and someone sent me a msg, either he/she is the only
one reading or you're all lazy!

No body took up my challenge of food!