Evasive, But Not Lying
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2005-01-06 00:11:32 (UTC)

Suppression, Depression and the Difference Between the Two

I'm hoping that I'm going to wake up soon and realize that
this is all a bad dream--could I really have sent my essay
rough draft into University of Maryland? My parents are
always whining about the money...I say they're lucky that
I'm not going anywhere REALLY expensive.

Today was long and boring. You know this is a fact when
the highlight of your day is typing up echocardiogram
reports. My biology midterm is going to be a disaster. Who
knows the answers to any of those AP questions anyway?
Maybe Dr. Weinstein. Yay for a study buddy.
He's so far away it isn't funny. I can feel it, but for
the first time, it doesn't bother me. In any case, there's
something I don't like. This feeling will probably not be
around much longer, whatever it is. I guess this could be
depression. More likely? It's a case of suppression.

Memorable Quotation: "He's rich to be sure, but will he
make you happy?"
--Mr. Bennet to Elizabeth about Darcy, Pride and Prejudice

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