Blood is not an issue
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2005-01-05 23:14:08 (UTC)

Life Sucks

Today sucked so bad. None of my freinds were at school
and then I had to go to this gay ass after school class.
I wanted to beat the crap out of this guy named Killian.
He is getting on every nerve he can get on. He is going
out with my best freind and he is treating her like shit
but she won't let me do anything about it. Everybody I
know hates Killian because of all the trash he talk about
everyone. He is going to get his ass kick one of these
day because he is going to cross the line.

I don't know what to do about all this because I don't
waant to hurt my freinds feelings but I hate him so much.
If she only knew about half the stuff I have to put up
with all the crap she says about him then I just want to
kill him for what he does. But not when I am at home it
is even worse then.


At home I have to deal with my mother who is a Bitch about
everything and I am lucky to be on the net. But here I am
still alive just waiting for her to and start beating the
crap out of me. But that is nothing compared to what my
Uncle use to do to me. He was alway drunk and he used to
come home drunk and start yelling at my sister then I
would step in the way. That was where it all went down
hill. I remember every time we got in a fight I was
always the one who got hurt. He would gab me by my neck
and throw me againest the wall and punch the crap out of
me then he would leave me lying on my bedroom floor in a
puddle of my own blood. I think I here my mother comeing
so write more later.


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