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2005-01-05 22:28:39 (UTC)

Day what ever ?? - Something new to talk about ...

This diary entry is because a good friend(who i dont love)
asked me to write something interesting so here goes...

Something Interesting.

Im getting the feeling that she's not going to like that
so i'll just write about my msn convo's last night and
what i have done today,

Ok last night i was talking to a new friend called Gema
and she is amazingly gorgeous and absolutly perfect in a
personality way, thing is she has a boyfriend so im kinda
keepin my distance, fortunatly i dont have to stay that
far away because she asked me to not stop flirting with
her, which of course i was dead chuffed to hear.

Last night i was speaking to her and she told me that i am
really sweet and that if she was single she would want to
be with me and of course again i got really chuffed :)
i think that we get along really well i and i just wish
she was single so i could get a little closer to her,

just a little side track here but i thought i might as
well mention it, another girl that i am really into is a
girl called saz(sarah walker) she is soooooo amazing and i
dont think she understands how i feel for her, i think she
thinks im just being extra freindly (she regards me as one
of her bessies(nooooooo!!)) i wish that she would realise
how much i care for her and that if i had a chance with
her i would treat her so well because i couldnt bear to
see her upset, even now when she gets upset i feel as if i
should be doing something to help her.

Ok back to the norm,

Today i have done almost fuck all, the only thing i have
reall ydone today is about 3/4 of my washing which is a
pain because i still need to do most of my T's, the other
thing i have done is sit at my desk all day and chat to my
freinds on msn, really that all i have done (other than
the obvious toilet trips and regular munching)

Well thats my 2 days sorted, i will try and write again
tommorow but i cant promise :D:D
Bubi XxxX

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