Daily Journal
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2005-01-05 21:23:31 (UTC)

December 31st

I got up at 7:30 and got ready and had some breakfast
and then went over to my friend Becca's house and we
worked on our AP Chemistry packet. We had some lunch and
hung out for a little while once we finished and i got
home a little after 3. Then i got online for a while and
just relaxed around the house, and then got ready for the
party i went to. At about 5, i went out to dinner with my
family at the Japanese steakhouse that we all really
like. It was my grandparents last night here before they
left to go home, so thats why we went out to a nice
dinner. Then they dropped me off at my friend Brittany's
for her New Year Party. It was pretty fun, we had pizza
and soda and snacks and talked and then played a bunch of
games. We played Twister, and Catch phrase, and scene it
which was a lot of fun. Then we all sat around at watched
the ball drop and then went out in the bakyard and wathed
some fireworks and hung out until the party was over. i
decided not to spend the night so i came home and got
online for a few minutes to see if maybe you were on, and
then i went to bed because i was really tired. i didnt
sleep well at all last night because my period started and
i got awful cramps...when i get them theyre so bad they
make me like physically ill. i woke up with them at like
4:30 am and was pretty much laying in my bed crying i was
in so much pain until 5:30 when i finally managed to fall
bak asleep. ive been to the doctor about it and all shell
tell me is to take motrin. So yeah im tired again today,
and still not feeling the absolute best. i'm not sure
what time you'll be on tonight, so ill try to wait up for
you if its going to be late. i should be online on and
off all day, so hopefully we'll get to talk. i hope youre
new year was great! You'll have to tell me if you did
anything special. Well id better get going, its already
early afternoon and im still in my pjs, i need to go take
a shower. I love you. Talk to you soon.


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