Daily Journal
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2005-01-05 21:20:34 (UTC)

December 16th-20th

Thursday December 16th, i had a midterm and then
stayed after to help with yearbook. Then i came home for
the afternoon, skipped kickboxing and watched some TV
instead and then talked to my Master. Friday December
17th, i went in to school for a few hours for yearbook.
Then came home and relaxed. Went over to Alyssa's house
in the evening and watched the Patriot. Then talked to my
Master. Saturday December 18th, i got up and went to
kickboxing, then came home and got cleaned up and went to
pick up Alyssa and we went to bell ring for the Salvation
Army. Then i came home for a few hours and then went to
babysit. Came home around 12 and talked to my Master.
Sunday December 19th, got dragged to church, then to lunch
and the mall. Came home and talked to my Master. Watched
the Bourne Supremacy with my family, and then talked to
Him some more. Monday December 20th, got up and babysat.
Came home and took some pictures. Relaxed for a while,
then worked on an English project. Ate dinner and then
got online and now im talking to my Master.
Lets thoughts...well this week has been
absolutely amazing. Just how quickly ive developed such
strong emotions for my Master. i love Him so much and all
the time Hes doing something to make that feeling even
stronger. i cant go long at all without my thoughts
turning to Him. Hes managed to keep me so horny and make
me so much more of a wonton slut than i ever though i was
or could be. And i love it, every minute of it. Needing
Him so badly, not caring who is watching, begging for it
like the little slut that i am. And like with the
pictures i took today, i never thought id be ready to take
full nudes, but i wanted to. i wanted Him to see me, all
of me. And its not just sexual either...ive got so many
emotions running around that i dont know how to explain
them. i love Him so much and i am honored that He wants
me. i was so speechless last night when He told me that
my price was steel. i am so honored, and so deeply
touched that He feels so strongly about me. He truly does
have all of me, my body mind heart and soul. Hmmm, other
than Him i havent been thinking about i guess
thats about it for today!

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