2005-01-05 19:07:12 (UTC)

x...Hello world this is me...x

hey there!
So er...hope u'z all had a fabi christmas an a gd nuw yr!
minz woz k! nevr quite made it 2 eilidh's party tho *soz
chick* but neways had a driving lesson 2day which woz
quite annoying cos woz suppose 2 hav it hogmanay but me
instructor woznt well, neways went out an fings went relly
badly! (lol) managed 2 totally fuk the car off the side of
the curb an burst the tyre an then i had 2 drive abt
hamilton wiv a flat tyre 2 a garage but its all sorted
now! then had the cheek 2 ask wen i shld book me test!
haha altho i am quite a gd driver jus not 2day.

an er...hopefully we shld b bookin our pink limo soon soon
*cant wait* as well as our holiday 2gether, altho dont c
that happenin. i fink its only me, nic, an gill mac that
relly want 2 go an evry time we try talk bout it we always
end up arguing so chez has decided now not 2 go! dont
blame hur wld hav bn nice all of us goin away
b4 we all split up aftr we leave skl. cant wait till i
leave skl, evry1 goes on abt 6th yr bein the best yr but
in reality its total shit! but hey...not that long 2 go!

c y'all 2mz...x

*Nobody understands wot its like 2 b this girl*

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