gothic witch

gone with the sin
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2005-01-05 15:47:18 (UTC)

everything lost in nothing

today i really have no idea what to say... funny, never
thought i'd be speachless for once. it's just one of those
slow days where i'm still i'm my PJs at 4:30 in the
afternoon. i don't feel like doing anything at all... i was
gonna call nancy and go out but i don't really feel like
doing that either... there's nothing left to see in this
lame ass city anyway, especially not now that the gothic
shop has closed... i feel so lasy and lifeless that the idea
of going out tonight and freezing my ass off again isn't too
pretty... winter sucks... there's no snow... i can't
remember the last time i saw iced streets and trees under
snow... that's so beautiful... there's magick in every
season, but winter magick passed me by. this isn't winter,
not really. it's so freakin' cold outside and everything is
just gray. there's no rain, no snow no nothing - just cold
grayness... when ur in a hot flat in ur t-shirt u don't
really feel like going outside to that now do ya?! lol i
miss summer, i miss going out every night and just having
fun 24/7, not being so sleepy all the time... i wish it was
spring, tho. spring is my fave season ever! there's just
something so beautiful in it... but u know what i somehow
miss the most? summer night storms... ahhh... u know when
it's really deep in the night, and posibly the full moon,
and the rain is falling so hard it's like rocks smashing ur
windows not water! and the wind growling so angryly, and
thunder banging somewhere far away, followed by mysterious
glows of lightning. everything so loud, and yet so silent...
just like in horror movies - i love that!
so, i'm not doing anything today. i really feel like going
out, but then again i don't 'cuz yesterday it was sooo cold
everybody parted after an hour. i couldn't feel anything, it
was so god damn freezing!!! it's days like these i can't
even write my story... or maybe i can, i don't know i didn't
even really try. i just gotta do something to get myself a
lil bit more alive... i'll probably take a shower and put
some normal clothes on, lol. well, as normal as it gets in
my closet ;) :p

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