My lil life!
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2005-01-05 15:27:38 (UTC)

Jan05 Got the CALL

Today today today...

Well classes went smoothly, came back home for lunch and was
back in skl by 3pm. All the Professors came so its now back
to business.

After school i stayed behind for my Mountaineering Club
meeting. We discussed our agenda for the new term.

Got a call from a Call Center agency Finally!!!

They said it would be ok to get a part time job and i should
come over 2moro by 9am for an exam. I was soo fucking glad
to get dat call. ALthough i have no idea what kinda call
center job it would be.. dat matters! but right now i dont
fucking care!!! I GOT THE CALL. hehehe atleast... its rili
hard find a part tym job here.

Well i called up Caj and told him he'll pick me up wen im
done. but i still dont know how im gona call him up later on
cause i gat no fuckin celphone. anyway bahalana (we shall