Jessica LeAnn
2005-01-05 15:22:23 (UTC)


Today.....I'm not at school...I woke up and felt weak. I
thought it was just normal....because duh I just woke up.
But I guess my sugar was in a few hours I have
to go to the hospital and get my sugar checked....that
means they have to stick my finger...:(....but I have been
needing to get it checked yea.So I'm on
here....not feeling good and alone. I haven't ate
breakfast....can't eat anything because I gotta go get the
sugar checked. I was so gonna go to school today too. I
guess I'm just tired. I dunno. Its just really scary to be
home alone and start to feel dizzy or weak. When I get
that way I can't drive so I can't go anywhere....I can just
call someone. SO I called my mum....she called my
dad....and he is gonna take me to the hospital. I feel
better now. But who knows..............................

Ok.....Got back from the doctor's some
food...feel a lil bit better. I had to get some blood
drawn...and had to stick my finger. I'm not gonna lie...I
was crying....but I was crying before I got there....I just
feel like crap. I'm dad went to work....mum
went to work....just me and the cat. Only two of my
friends are online out of the whole list.....where is
everyone????.....O YEAH....THEY HAVE LIVES...LOL....well

So this here is my diary...journal let me tell
you what I'm thinking. Man Oh man am I bored. I have a
million things going around in my head. 1st thing is: I'm
glad I'm old enough to drive...I hated riding the school
bus. 2nd:Prom!!!!....its coming up soon. I'm excited
about it....but then again I'm a nervous wreck. I had to
find a date. I asked a guy...that I really like and feel
ok with asking. He said yes. But I'm always having this
feeling that somethings gonna go wrong. Last year my date
canceled during spring break. He was a good friend and
still is. We were going out and I decided it would be best
to just be friends. Thats what we are now. But at the
time I was left without a prom date...and only weeks to
find one. So my good friend Michelle gets her neighbor to
go with us(me,Michelle, and Steaphine).YES he had 3
dates....he was a pimp But this year is
different...he may not be around when prom he is
out of the picture. And if he was I wouldn't want to share
a date again this year. He is very sweet and all...but he
is meant to be with michelle. She talks about him like I
talk about ummm.....well his name starts with a J. Yeah.
But anyways...hopefully the person I asked to go with me
will go....I'm praying he will. 3rd thing: Guys: Why are
they so stressful?? Before I met the guy I like now...I
had a crush on a guy named Matt. AT sometime we all did.
But being the dork I was and still am....I never really
acted like I liked him. I still like him...but I like the
guy I kinda dated for a while better than him. It was
really funny because when I went on the date with the guy I
like now....Matt was there. I didn't show it but I was
glad that he came. That was one of the best times I have
ever had in my whole life. I went on a date with the guy I
liked and had a good time. I got teased by Matt but it was
worth it. Now I would give anything to go back to that
night. I would make time just stand still and just enjoy
it one more time.........But yeah...some how the guy I like
(the guy whose name starts with a J).....thinks I like
Matt. UM which I do...but I like the guy whose name starts
with a J more. Ok lets call the guy who I now like whose
name starts with a J....lets call him....RICK JAMES. Yeah
thats a perfect name for So yeah...Rick James
is a very kewl person. He does stuff that I wish I could
do. Rick James is a very funny guy also. Just thinking of
some of the things we have talked about makes me wanna
laugh my head off. You get into funny conversations
between midnight and 5 in the morning. From the 1st time I
met Rick James I liked him...I dunno...I was just
myself....because I just figured he wouldn't like me
anyways so I was like forget it...and acted myself. It
worked. But now....I'm here still not over him and a
complete mess....GRRRRRRRR!!!! WHAT AM I TO DO?!?!?!.......