the cheese drawer
2005-01-05 05:20:40 (UTC)

yo...long time no write

it's been a while

i'll start off with a new CD my friend burned me
yesterday. It is "so what?" by
Megadeth. Those of you who know me might know that
megadeth is my favorite band. I'll just say that this is
my all time favorite CD. My favorite song is on this CD,
it is called "In My Darkest Hour" and it was written by
Dave Mustaine just after he heard that my idol, Cliff
Burton, had died. That song is awesome. and it is really
hard to play, believe me i'm trying to learn it.

also, as you are probably wondering, Melissa and I are
doing fine. It tunred out that Melissa hadn't called me
because she was in California with her sick grandpa. She
called me Sunday at 11:45 am, and woke me after
she called i felt like an ASS. Yes ASS with all capitals...
but she came over later that night. We were supposed to be
doing homework for bio2 ap, but we didn't get that much
done, because she got bored and started throwing dice at
me. It was great, because it felt like she had never been
gone, and we were flirting and stuff a lot. i missed her
soccer game today, because my parents got home late today.
but it's ok. she is also getting her own cell phone so it
will be easier to talk to her. but we're both sick so we
still have to wait until that goes away.

i also recently met this girl named stephanie. she is
really nice and good to talk to. i talked to her for
probably 10 hours(online and off) since i met her about a
week ago. i like her even though i'm going out with
Melissa. So she's my online gf.

Tomorrow i might go to a guitar store with my friend David
so i might be able to get a new bass. Let's just hope that
i get a good one.

My other friend Brenden likes this girl named Eva. He
wants to ask her out, but he is scared. He doesn't know
what to do beyond asking her out because he's never been
with a girl that hasn't screwed him over (then again
neither have I told him to just tell her that he
hasn't had a gf in a long time so he's unsure of what to
do, but he's still scared. I told him that i would call
her myself to tell her that he hasn't had a gf in a while

Well nubs, it's about time to go so reply if you want. i
would prefer it if you did. Later.

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