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2005-01-05 05:03:27 (UTC)

Sunshine .. I am a chicken and i want to Fly! .. Egg

Dad looked like his pics when he was young n just married
to mom .. he was thinner , had a smaller belly .. we were
in that shit-hole dad and my bro r living in right now ..
he was smiling at me !:) there was no more tensinon .. i
was there with mom and we knew we didn't live there .. we
knew we were visiting .. but i wasn't panicked anymore , i
was so calm i wasn't afraid of dad at all .. but , from
what i remember , i think while i was waiting for him i
was a tinge worried about his reaction when he sees me ..
sitting with tarek eating something that looked like good
crisps and laughing , dad came out and i think that second
a chill ran down my spine but after he smiled everything
was back to normal again ..

i hugged him alot .. and he was very inviting! we talked
about nothing serious .. and in the end there was his
friend i never saw before and i told them i drove now and
daddy reacted like surprised and happy for me just like i
wanned him to react and we were all smiling .. i also
think that somewhere in the middle of all this dad was
sitting with mom but the tension there didn't go .. even
though mom tried to hold his hand , make him feel that
they have to get over that .. but then me n my dad were
smiling in the end :)

i hate waking up from a happy life to go to my sad college
in my sad life ..


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