Pathway to the Demented
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2005-01-05 04:37:24 (UTC)

why... thats all i ask...

have you ever just seen something or heard something that
you know from your past that just makes you sad. well, i
seem to be that way from a song, warmness of the soul, i
remember i used to cry myself to sleep over sarah being
angry at me to the sound of the song. i was playing along
with the guitar solo, what but i know of it, and i notice
my strings being wet... i go look in the mirror and i seem
to have tears pouring down my face. i couldn't understand

i can't even see straight from the tears in my eyes and
all sarah says to me are complete insults, am i that much
of an ass hole? i really don't notice it if i am. im
sorry, just don't talk to me, thats probaly the best for
you. i don't know what it is, do i have a sign taped to my
back saying "break my heart." may as well... its not that
it was broken, it was taken, and squeezed until every last
tear came out of my eyes... i don't know if i can take
much more, but there is no reason for her to read this so
she can just get sad that i feel this way, we are still
friends, but i just need to work through it myself...

oh well... good night, i shall fall to my slumber by the
sound of shadows' voice and with my head in a puddle of my
own tears, as i have many times before...

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