Random (boring) Thoughts
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2005-01-05 04:30:10 (UTC)

Charity cases

I was watching TV the other day (my favorite, and perhaps
only true hobby), and I came across an interesting
commercial. It showed two small children outside on a park
bench. The weather was cold, and the children had no coats
on. They had very sad looks on their faces as they huddled
close to each other for warmth.

Then the narrator started her plea for money. It went
something like, "Thousands of Vermont families don't have
enough money to buy winter coats for their children.
Imagine being one of these poor children with nothing to
protect you from the cold. What would YOU do if your
parents were too poor to buy you a coat?"

I know what I would do if I didn't have a winter coat. I
would do my best to avoid playing OUTSIDE!

You see, this is just another case of a well-intentioned
yet completely useless charity. If these kids would just
stay inside their trailers where it's nice and warm, we
wouldn't have a problem, now would we? I don't think so.

My advice is to save your money for a worthwhile cause,
like the adopt-a-jew program, or a national missile defense
system. After all, even the warmest jacket won't be much
protection against nuclear winter.