Brown Suga Babe

The Tales Behind The Brown Suga
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2005-01-05 04:20:30 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
Why me? I'm in love with this boy and he loves me to
but the parents are cope blocking. My dad doesn't like him
for a minute and my moms don't care. Why are parents so
damn confusing? Neway as you no I'm brown suga, not to
dark not to light, and sweet. And he's like he wants to
take a brake until......... and I cant go on brakes cause
i will ''brake through''. But i've learned to control
myself. And the funny thing is this one boy is on my sack
and he knows my man, so he's alwayz talking about how bad
he is and how i should brake up with him. mannnnnnnng I
wish it was that easy. I may be young but I'm deep and I
understand real love.
Real love doesnt care what people say there not going
Real love is that love that stick like outmeal, gum, or
Real love can wait if thats wat it takes to never part
Real love doesnt need candles to be romantic
Real love at least agrees on one thing that their in love
Real love is misses each other when they say goodbye
Real love doesnt lie
Real love comes from deep within
Real love is what I'm in and i'm sick and tierd of people
telling me wat to or not to do
I'm tierd of the pain and the lain games that come with
i'm tierd of typing cuz som peps are just full of shyt I;m
so tierd that I dont feel like typing.
-Brown Suga*

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