Pathway to the Demented
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2005-01-05 04:06:59 (UTC)

well, the discussion is over...

well, lets see, i just talked to sarah, i have tried and
tried to let her know how much i love her, just doesn't
feel the same about me anymore, if she ever did... oh
well, i know i shouldn't just say "oh well," she was the
most important thing in my life, she still is, i just
can't ever hold her again like i used to... that does make
me sad, but rather her be happy and i be sad than her to
be with sorrow... yea, i know, you all should slap me for
being all emo kid, but its ok, now i am gonna be another
big brother for her, ryan can keep the axe, but if any guy
does her wrong, i will take a fucking sledgehammer to his
face... warning to anyone that does her wrong... yea...
well, i am gonna go, got some more history work, due
tomorrow... yea... bye...

love ya sarah...