My Crazy Life
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2005-01-05 04:04:17 (UTC)

cooling down...

1-4-05 7:35 p.m
Today was a little better. Its been kinda nice because
everyone has been complimenting my new hair cut, which I
love too. I walked into math class yesterday and race was
all "wow thats sexy" I think he's pretty hot. And I
wouldn't mind being his girlfriend ^.^ and then jontea was
all "cassie you look very safisticated"
Kept hangin around caitlen, marykate, and mel. I ran into
lisa at lunch and she was all "oh my god I LOVE your hair!
its so beautiful..I love your makeup" which thawed me. And
of course she was all "Oh I forgot to do something in my
science class" which is where the dyks hang out.
when we walked over erika was on the ground with her head
to her knees and diana comforting her. I asked what was
wrong knowing diana would tell me and she was all "Michel
campose called erika a whore" (which she is) I almost
rolled on the ground laughing. But kept my composer. She is
such an over reacter. I went into the class room where he
was, and was all "will the real michel campose please stand
up please stand up" and he raised his hand.
Michel campose- The loser guy last year who only woar
dragon shits and talked about viedo games. the kid who
plays that card game "magic" who is really tall and gangly.
I remember sabrina and I got him to run back and forth on
the grass area in front of the school last year. and then
sabrina was all "okay michel you now have 75 points to get
100 you have to role in the mud" AND HE DID! he walked
around with mud stains all over his pants. Then we heard
the next day that his mother yelled at him when she saw the
so this loser guy called erika a whore and erika was fake
crying about it!!?? good god, what next? man let me tell
you erika is the worst fake crier on the planet.
when will she just grow up? with her stupid "wicca" stuff
shes all "yea im a REAL wicca and I blessed my necklace"
like it was holy or something. a real funny thing happened
right before winter break. erika comes running up to me all
excited and is all "cassie, cassie look what diana gave me
its her great aunts!" and i look to see this piece of junk!
it looked like it was from the 99 cent store and not only
that but it was on sale. poor poor erika when will she just
grow up? I always wonder whem erika and diana are like 40
wont they feel embaresed? about how they were? i hope they
so after school i was walking with brittney and see erika
and danielle walking and erika doing her hidious horse
laugh. ugg. i walked by with brittney and erika was
all "Cassie!! come here" so I drag myself over and she
gived me this card that says "oo i love being spoiled
thanks for the lighters for my b-day! xoxox-erika"
and the only thing that came to my mind was "a little late
aren't we dear?" her damn b-day was like 2 months ago!

I did alot of qouteing .. :D
well thats it for today. I'll report back in a couple days
or so. Unless something super juicy comes up, like erika
and diana suddenly get transfered!...oh if only if only.

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