Sexy Devil

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2005-01-05 03:40:53 (UTC)

My First Entry!

ok hey all
this is like my frist entry so i dont really know wat to
write so i guess i could start with a little bit about well
me. ok im 16 and im in yr 11 now. i have lots of friends
and a couple of really really great best friends.
Lately my life hasnt been going the way i hoped it to but
it also hasnt been bad so i guess thats a plus. well ever
since christmas ive spent every single day with one of me
friends. i went to the beach with me best friend Alexandra
for a day and ive been over hers and Shauna's houses and
out and about with some of my other friends. The best day
of the holidays so far except for christmas would have to
be the monday that just passed becuase i went out cruising
with my good friend and ex boyfriend Anthony. We were out
for roughly three and a half hours which is pretty good
considering i hadnt seen him for ages well actually 2003 in
october. Anthony hasnt changed a single bit well he has
become more immature but i guess when you et older you do
become more immature. Well i have anyways but im 16 im
allowed to be and he is 17 lol.
Another thing that maybe i shouldnt have done is i told my
ex boyfriend Joel some thingz and i think he was jealous.
We have only been split up for just under a month. Well yea
i said to him that two guyz have asked me out since we
split up and i also said that i said no because i didnt
like them like that. But yes when he replied he sounded so
jealous i mean he said he wasnt and that he does still like
me like but only a little bit u could tell in his voice
that he was a little jealous. I know he still
likes me and i think maybe he cant stand to
see me with another guy so soon and he might have become a
little jealous. Oh well its so hard to tell if a guy is
jealous or any other emotion its just annoying lol.
Well i betta go so cyaz
love jen!

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