*Mad World*.
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2005-01-05 03:04:13 (UTC)


Haven't wrote in quite a while. Christmas was cool, New
years was boring..stayed at home and watched movies with
the rents and had a major headache. Whiile everyone else
was out partying I had to stay home with a headache, I was
so mad..Err..Adam Brunner is so freaking scary! He stalks
me so bad..He tells me how much he loves me like
everyday..haha I say GET A LIFE NIGGER!
Cassie got her hair dyed..its really bright, but I like it
Ari keeps going over to Goyich's house and smoking hash,
shes gonna get herself in a lot of trouble..but what can
you do?
Rosie is still freakin obsessed with Eric, but she finally
came out of the closet about how she felt about him.
Sheesh that girl needs to get a life! She can have anyone
she wants in Texas but somehow shes attracted to Eric way
up in Wisconsin..whats up with that?! I mean c'mon! Now
I'm scared hes gonna leave me, so I haven't been hounding
him to get a job or clean up his room. I've been trying to
be really nice and put him first, and lately we haven't
been fighting, but I dont know it just feels weird..Its
like we are so different now cuz we dont fight..I dunno if
its a good things or a bad thing..I guess our fighting
kinda kept us interested. Its hard to explain. But I
think sometimes we both had fun figting, as stupid as that
I wanna have a party here on July 4th. Have a whole bunch
of friends over and we can put tents up and sleep in the
yard. haha I told everyone that there was no sex allowed
in the tents, but the barn is free. so I'm sure we'll all
migrate up there if my mom lets me have one.
I was talking to Derek teh other night(oh by the way! I
was at equity and he winked at me...not once..but
twice!!:):)) and he said that he wanted me to come with him
when he went to go get his tattoo in Rockford! Omg I'm so
pissed! Did you know that Illinois wont pierce my freaking
nose either! My gosh I just want my freaking nose pierced,
its not that freaking hard! People are gay..but what can
ya do? right? lol I'm finally off my rag so when me and
Eric hang out on can guess whats gonna
happen.. Hes so good with his tongue! omg I love it, it
makes me shake so bad..yummy!! I'm so proud of myself, I
finally found a way to make him shiver and shake! I use my
palm when i jack him off...Doing fast circles on his head
drives hims nuts...Its turns me on:D haha...Well I suppose
I have to go do my Western Heritage..I hate that class!

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