All You Need Is Love
2005-01-05 02:40:39 (UTC)

she been wishing on the stars that shine bright

i am going to reflect on my past relationships just for
postarity's sake, since i was talking about them w/ jake:

derek: dated me cuz he knew i liked him and my then nest
friend made a bet w/ him that she could get a boyfriend
before he could get a girlfriend. dated for like a week

westy: dated him to shut him up. big mistake. we had
alittle fight like 2 days before valentines day and so he
didnt get anything really except one conversation heart.
one. i dumped him over that.

nico: tragedy. i dated him sorta cuz i felt bad that no
one would date him and that he had a crush on me. which he
found out about later. he was nice and is wicked cool now
so i wish i had not totally used him

andrew: dated me at first cuz emma chose derak over him.
but i quickly fell into "love" w/ him. dumped me that
first time cuz i was always away all summer. asked me out
again in october. dumped me right before christmas because
i was freaky obsesed w/ him, which i didnt understand at
the time, but now i think he was right

jake: worst boyfriend ever. going to a different school
didnt help. sucked cuz i actaully wanted to be w/ him/ a
lot. well i still sorta do but o well. i have lost track
of how many times i have dated him.

wow all my realtionships have really sucked.