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2005-01-05 01:20:07 (UTC)

and so it begins.

so, im always reading others, i thought i'd write my own.
Probably going to be quite boring indeed, but since it's
for me, not matter, right?

i really wanted a place to vent yesterday when all these
songs were apealing to me in my depressed (semi) state.

but as of now, im to lazy to copy them in. ahaha. basic
jist was... im tired of being alone, and when you're
ready, i'll be here for you. (first by saliva (ps what
kind of a name is that?) second by something corporate).

so i got to go bookshopping today (what a great thing it
is to have a car.) when i brought them home, i realized
THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME! all of them have some woman on the
front. oh well, i guess these historical womens thingies
just tickle my fancy. i really should be reading instead
of doing this, cause i love the author and i dont want
them to go to waste. meh. what a great sound. meh.
perfect. in italian it's "bo" but it encompases more stuff
then meh.

today was really banal. not really the right word,
actually. not banal. more like ordinary. it was fun, and i
liked it, but it was very ordinary. nothing remarkable to
speak of. oooh excpet in teh morning, i made this reaaaaly
good freshly squeezed orange-grapefruit mix drink. yummm.

hello, can we go! i'm waiting for my mom to go to the gym
(with) and she's talking to my dad for an age and a half.

i realized the otherday how wholesome my life is. sunday
night, after spending the entire vacation with my parents,
i spent the evening reading a french comic book with them
and doing the chicken dance with a singing chicken (which
i got my dad for christmas). oh boy. ahahah. i don't mind
though. they love me, i love them (knock on wood). can't

okay, enough for tonight. this really is therapeutic
(look, i know how to spell that one! that vocab book
really does work. aak! )

i love you. just thought you should know that. those could
be the last words i say. hmm deeep. too deep for me.