a man searching
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2005-01-05 01:12:08 (UTC)

Here it goes

well i guess ill try this to help me figure out what im
looking for and where im headed with my life. So here it

For starters i need to tell you who i am....well maybe not
cause im not sure who i will let read this lol so heres
some basics....

Im 28 (well i will be tommorow) Male from the Greenville /
Spartanburg area of South Carolina... I am divorced....
i was married for 5 years then my ex decided she never
had loved me she had a affair and left.... im not gonna
say i was perfect but i didnt deserve that :( so any how
my divorce was final in December so im trying to get back
on the horse....

Something else maybe you should know about me is I am into
BDSM and simular actavities. I am a Dom. and in turn
i am new to this so im trying to figure out exactly what
im looking for in a sub or potental future spouse.