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2005-01-05 01:11:10 (UTC)


Its year 2005...20 years since my grandmother was
murdered. 20 years 7 months and 1 days since this horrible
crime was commited. I'm now 17 years old and because of
this i have no grandmother. No grandma to experience only
things a grandaughter and grandma would have. A special
bond that i'll never be able to share like the one my
brother and she had. Helena Warner, known as Hun to most.
Was the type of grandma everyone wanted, she was the
sweetest of all people and family meant everything to her.
One of 9 children, her mother said she was her favorite.
She lived a life most envied and had a daughter that
couldnt be a better mother to me. Previously divorced with
my grandpa, she'd been seeing this man Kent Hansen. Being
on porol at the time of there meeting Helena was never
aware of the intentions of Kent. 10:20 AM Helena warner
was brutely murdered. She was found fully unclothed with
the exception of knee high stalkings, in the bathroom of
Kent's current residence at the time.
Kent Hansen is a previous murder of his wife, but
pleaded for insanity and was eventually paroled. Kent has
convicted over 20 crimes and is now one of the top
murderers in the state of Vermont. He has continuously
been convicted of breaking and entering, grand larceny,
escape, possesion of a malt beverage, concleament of
stolen property, operation without owners consent,
aggravated assault and more.
Upon the trial of the murder of Helena Warner, he was
sentenced 20-30 years in jail. It has now been 20 years
and we have been contacted that Kent Hensen will be
released in the year 2005.
I was dreading the year 2005. I knew i had to graduate
in 2006 but 2005 was the worth year to come. I'm 17 years
old and i do not have a grandmother, no child should ever
experience this. December 2nd 2004, we got a letter in the
mail explaining to us that Kent Hansen will be released
any time after January 1st 2005, in Franklin County
Vermont. It's not January 4th 2005 and this man could be
wondering the streets. Six months after his releasing he
will be under close contact with the Franklin County
Sheriffs department and the rest of the State of Vermont.
For all we know, there could be a 2 time murder out on
the streets of Vermont right now and we wouldn't even know
it. The scary thought is that he's a murderer. Murderers
don't think like other people, they strive on the thought
of killing another persons life. The feed on constantly
going to jail and having a rap sheet of 10 miles (a joke!)
These people dont think like normal people and never will.

God Bless All of you that have helped my family get
through all of this. Your doings have strongly affected
our lives and will ever be in our hearts! Thank You.