My Dream Journal
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2005-01-05 00:03:29 (UTC)

giving away loofas

I am outside at some sort of performance or event which
has ended. There is a theatrical set which looks like a
large house.. it almost seems like I am at Sea World or
someplace like that. I am sitting alone on the steep
bleachers, but there are people I know all around. I'm
not lonely or anything.. I seem to be enjoying people
watching. I have some of my Christmas presents with me,
but not the ones I really got in real life. I have
several gift bags which varieties of things in them. I
realize that I have like seven loofas (those things you
use in the shower... I think that's what they're called)
so I decided I should give some of them away. I start
asking my friends (I don't actually remember who was
there) if they want a loofa, and they are happy to take
them off my hands. Different people look through them
trying to decide which color they like best. I am happy
that I have been able to give everyone something that
they're so glad to receive.

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