What's On My Heart
2005-01-04 23:16:55 (UTC)

Words of Advice

Many people I know are hoping for a better life. One that
has no flaws in it, one that is perfect day after day, one
where they are rich, one where they have what they want,
etc. But you think about it, life wouldn't be interesting
if it were perfect day after day. You'd lead a dull and
boring life. If you had everything you wanted, you'd be
missing something very important life....gratefulness.
You'd be spoiled. Money doesn't but happiness. If you
think, well, stars are happy, actually, I don't think they
truly are. Some are, yes, but most are just downright
annoyed. They have their private lives taken and turned
into sales. Everytime a couple gets into a fight, "So and
So are breaking up due to too many fights." They look at
the news and say, "We had a fight and we're breaking up? I
didn't know this, did you?" Some people think they will be
happy if their dream mate comes along, so they rush every
girlfriend or every boyfriend that comes along. Don't rush
people. Life is full of surprises and the best one of them
all is the person you get to spend the rest of your life
with. One day, you will meet someone so special, so perfect
that when you two get together, you'll look at them and ask
them, "Why me?" And they will respond, "Because you are
you." You will think that person is so far above you that
you will almost want to push them away, but at the same
time, keep them so close to you that they'll never get away.
That is what I suggest you do. Hold them so close that
they never get away. True happiness isn't in the things we
have or the people in our lives, it's in us. I've read some
of these journal entries by others that are so down and
depressed. Don't allow what you don't have effect what you
do have. Some people may ask, "What do I have?" Your
health. "I have cancer." You have a family that loves you.
"I am divorced" You have the memories you made with that
person. If those are not happy memories, then you have your
future to change all that. "You have a home" I got kicked
out. Then you have a chance to change your ways and make a
better future for yourself. Stop looking at the negatives
people. I haven't had the best life, but I know there are
people out there that are worse off. Here are some ideas to
help you feel better about yourself and to help those around.

1) If you are deadly sick, then spend every minute you can
with those that love you and tell those that you've hurt
that you are sorry.

2) You don't have a friend, be a friend to someone else who
doesn't have a friend. You'll make a new friend and they
will know that they have a friend in you.

3) You got kicked out of your house, call your parents up
and say, "Mom, dad, I'm sorry. I just wanted to tell you
that and also, that I love you." It's a hard call to make,
but I did it and boy, has my relationship with my parents

4) You are single and never going to find the "one," hate to
say it, but wait for them. Stop looking for him/her. If
it's meant to be, ya'll will find eachother. You won't be
expecting it and that's the best surprise to have in the
world. You say, "I hate surprises" well, hate to break it
to ya, but that is one surprise that only God can show you
when He thinks you are ready for it.

Life isn't perfect. It's full of hard times that many
people face every day and wonder, "How am I going to make it
through this?" But understand, that you will. Just give
yourself time to climb that hill of trials and when you get
to the top, realize are closer to heaven when you
get the victory...because the One that help you through it
lives there. God wants you to focus on Him, not the world.
He wants you know He is always there. I had a friend once
tell me after his dad died this quote,

"When life is tough, and times are tough, don't worry, God
is always there."

People, look positively on life or else your whole world
will be what you make it...depressing. If you look in the
mirror and see an upset or sad face, then you are going to
look at everyone around you that way. But if you look in
the mirror and see a smile, people will look at you and see
a better life. A life, though sick, or broke, or sad, that
is showing that he/she isn't going to let that get them
down. Live every day to the fullest potential, because one
day, you won't have the whole day. "Live like you were