Hate This & I'll Love You
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2005-01-04 22:53:23 (UTC)

Mr Brightside

Prit-stick's are crap! they run out when you actually need
them. and when you dont need it, it stands still.

first day back at college.......gr8 fun. ha.
i realised today how many ppl i hate, not cos i saw them
or anythin. but just was thinkin. no one tht close to me
by the way. lol.

sooooooo much work to do for tomorow, its never gonna get
done. not really possible now anyway.

feeling kinda lonely at the moment. dunno y. just am.
spose ive been feeling alone for a while now, god i sound
depressed. lol

right on a lighter note, i felt somethin in my shoe today
so i took it off and the end of a splif fell out. odd.

also there was a fox up a tree, it was wearing glasses
(kinda square ones) i look at it and it sed "jump" so i
did. did sod all. so i carryed on walkin. il ask him wot
he meant if i see him agen. or if i see the other one, but
he's normally too busy dancin, he loves to dance.

only one entry today, *gasp*
i know i know, shame on me but i just aint had the time.

cheers queers