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2005-01-04 20:01:43 (UTC)

Promise of Snow

A much more restful day today. John woke me just before the
alarm clock was to go off at 6:10 a.m. and as I am almost
always awake long before the alarm I think of it as having
"slept in". I spent the morning doing catch-up with the
housework I hadn't had time to do yesterday and then began
dismantling Christmas. I have four boxes filled up, not
including the nutcrackers which has its own large box or my
Christmas quilts and Christmas stockings. I'm going to
leave the boxes out a day or two, though, before having John
store them away as I almost always miss one or two little
things no matter how hard I try.

So now I've put up the winter and Valentine's Day
decorations. I always put up the Valentine's Day
decorations in January partly because I don't have that many
winter ones and this way I get to enjoy Valentine's Day

The weather reports are promising snow perhaps by Friday on
the valley floor but I have my doubts. After all, they
promised snow for Christmas and we didn't get that. Still,
if we're going to have snow it'll be this month. January
and February are the months for it here.

I'm always disappointed with the snow. It's nothing
like the great snows I remember from my childhood in
northern Ontario. I remember my grandmother wrapping me up
in so many clothes and scarves I could barely see or walk
and there's seldom enough snow here to build snowmen or even
make snow angels. I'm not asking for that sort of snow,
though. We're not prepared for it here and just thinking of
how crazy drivers become in ice and snow sends shivers down
my spine! No, if there's snow let it just be a few flakes,
just enough to know we've had some this year and then let it
melt away again.