When RheaSunshine Speaks
2005-01-04 19:37:17 (UTC)

It's A New Year

Well, what can I say. It was the best New Year's ever. I
spent the evening at church praising the LORD as 2005
began with the man I love holding my hand and praying
together. It's weird to be in love. So seeing that is
the focus of my life at this junction. I am going to
write about the differences that Jimmie has made in my


It's like the difference
Between having a perm and
Being a natural sista
I looked good before
Long straight hair, well groomed
But entombing the real me
And now Jimmie is
Me with dreadlocks, something about it
Is just right
And looks better than before
So many people tell me that
They couldn't imagine me without my dreads
Even when they see pictures,
The questions pour in about the change
I made to become the lady that I am
And I look at me now
Understanding the feeling of confusion
That they feel
Because as I look back at me before
Without the extension of Jimmie
I can't really see me that way ever again
He makes me stand out as the woman
That I am suppose to be
So that I am comfortably
All that I can be
With him as the dreadlock of my heart
He's locked in
And it would take a shaving of my soul
In order for me to let go
Of what has grown naturally
From my heart.
I think that might be the first time, I actually was able
to put into words kinda how I feel about Jimmie. I am
ever trying to describe to myself the feelings that he
causes me to experience. Perfection is the one word that
always comes to mind. One day I need to write a poem
about Perfection and I am sure that if I were to do that,
I would find myself talking about him all throughout the
poem. It is crazy how many times a day I have to tell
myself to focus on something other than my heart's
feelings about Jimmie. I have never felt like this before.
And if this is what complete feels like, I wanna feel like
this for the rest of my life.