gothic witch

gone with the sin
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2005-01-04 17:01:53 (UTC)

sleepless sleepover

ok, today i woke up half an hour past noon, improovment huh?
well i probably wouldn't had if sandra's phone hadn't rang..
. i slept over at her place. needless to say we were yacking
for ages, like till four in the morning. we didn't see each
other for a pretty long time... we had loadz to talk about.
me and sandra are like sisters, really. our parents have
been really close friends, and so we know each other since
our birth and we've really been like sisters ever since. i
told her about bayne, actually... i never told anyone about
that, i don't know why... not even my best friend. i'm just
that sorta person, i keep things to myself. i just don't
like talking about myself much. i deal with everything on my
own, and my hand is the only one i ever take when i need
anything and my advice is the only i listen to. it's weird i
know, but i talk about shit that happens, like depression
and stuff, only after it's gone. after the other side of me
already saved me. it's a true gemini thingy, there's two of
me - they're not opossites, they're just different. like two
girls living in my mind saving each other. that's why i
never fall. or cry - i can't.
anyway, she got this new boyfriend, his name is alec. god, i
wanted to smash her phone!!! she got really pissed too. i
mean, he called her exactly 42 times yesterday!!!! the call
and hang up thingy at least. and he sends these pathetic
txts about missing her and she just rolls her eyes, lol. we
were actually screaming 'cuz it was sooo annoying when
someone keeps calling u 24/7! she wanted to kill him!!! she
said she doesn't get it.... she said she wished she hadn't
even seen him everyday. well, for three days at least, lol.
and i totally get her. we're just not those types of girls i
guess. not cut out for a relationship. she said she likes
being around him and everything, but that he's just such a
boring ass when they're not together, that he keeps txting
her that he wants to see her like every hour! admit that can
get really annoying. no-one needs people telling them they
miss them every fucking second.... it was funny actually...
but the thing is she's actually had a crush on his bro for
ages (they're best friends) and she just got with alec for
new years sorta drunk and now she got herself into this...
tricky uh?

hmm, i just heard from my parents there's a university
thingy where u have a course on publishing... sweet... but
then of course they started talking on and on and on about
the improovments in our anccient schooling system that
stayed here 'cuz of the war in 1990. that got me thinking
and i remembered how there are so many people my age that
still have no fucking clue where they're gonna go afterwards
or what they want in life. how can u not know that?! i know
exactly what i wanna do and i know exactly how to get it. i
knew since i can remember, and i'm not gonna change my mind
until i see it revealing in front of my waking eyes.

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