What's On My Heart
2005-01-04 16:28:33 (UTC)

Just some thoughts

Only 12 days until I am 21 and only 2 days before I leave
for college. I am psyched about college. I am honestly am.
I'm ready to be there again and doing school work. lol I
know that makes me some sort of loser, but in all honesty,
it isn't the school work that I mind, it's the exams that
suck. I could be getting all A's if it weren't for exams.
I could study for hours on end and still get the highest
grade of a C. That's only in some classes though. That is
not all classes. Trust me, I may be dumb, but not that
dumb. I know when I get down there I'll be all excited, but
you can plan on me whining in this journal about how much I
want to go home. lol, yes, that will happen sooner or
later. I just had Will (the one who's been cheating on me)
tell me that he doesn't want me to go and that he's really
gonna miss me. Yeah right! What kind of bogus chick does
he think I am? Anyway, I have to admit I am going to miss
my friends here. I do think that will be hard for me to say
goodbye to all of them.

Oh, yeah and get this....I work as a waitress at a
restaurant that is known for it's pies. (If you want to see
if you've heard or seen this place, go to Anyway, I love the people I
work with. Kelly and I actually are finding that we get
along pretty well. Leo and Kelly C. are just too adorable
of a couple. I'm going in tonight to say goodbye to the
people working tonight that I won't see tomorrow when I go
in. PICTURE TIME! :-) Hehe! Anyway, I found this out
last night. There is a tradition there that I just really
don't want to go through with. On a person's last day, who
ever is there....gets to pie you in the face. How uncool is
that?! I was thinking about calling in, but I need the
money. Oh gr! I'm mean, that's a waste of a really good
pie, don't ya think? Agree with me people, cuz you ain't
gettin' the pie in the face, so be happy.

Well this entry is going to come to a close only because I
need to get packing. College is coming fast and I'm still
way behind. So, everyone have a wonderful day! I will
write more tonight and hopefully I will get some pics online
tonight. That is also annoying. *sigh* My life is so not
thrilling or calming, just downright annoying at points, but
very interesting altogether. :-)

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