My TwIsTeD tHoUgHtS
2005-01-04 16:25:04 (UTC)

OuCh My AcHiNg HeAd!

Who wants to go to the movies this weekend to see that new
scary movie, White Noise? I do I do! Someone needs to come
with me! Looks rather scary. Ok, I got a big problem that
just "surfaced" on me. LoL YOU will laugh, but I promise
I'm not at all! If you've ever been in my bathroom you will
notice that my parents built this rather large rather
STURDY shelf thing above the toilet. Well, just a couple of
mins ago I go in the bathroom and I'm standing there,
minding my own business and I suddenly turn around to get
something out of it and I must not of realized how close I
already was to it before I turned around because I POPPED
the HELL out of my head so hard it knocked me into
dizziness right away. I sit down in the living room and
start noticing my bump on my head is SWOLLEN! Now I have a
very large and very visible bump on my forehead. Went to
the plant to show my mom and ended up having everyone come
see me to look at it and laugh. I only got on question.
such a spaz! Go ahead and keep laughing at me. Now I can't
sleep for 2 hours because of a possible concusion (sp?) you
know..those things I would always get while working at
Wally World! Wow my head is killing me now. I guess I
should go put some ice on it now. I'll hollar at yall
later! Call me if you wanna go to the movies. I don't think
the person I really wanna go with is going to go with me,
so, any takers?