Nick's Journal
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2005-01-04 15:50:17 (UTC)

Sandler Koenig Eberhard

this german song is definetly one of my favorites. its sung
by a cheesy 80/90s austrian pop group. basically it's about
a panhandler who still acts like a king because he doesn't
accept his fate. the guy becomes a beggar because he
doesn't get the girl he wants, yet no matter how much he's
given up on life he still knows how to live like a king,
like one line in the song is:
all the other beggars would cover themselves in
lice-infested blankets from the shelter, but he'd sleep in
the fur coat of some woman he stabbed in some alcoholic haze.
in the end he finds that the girl has also become a beggar
and they are all happy and drink in elation and they
accidentally drink draino.
i guess i like this song because it has a very cynical
message to it. you can fight the notion of fatalism as much
as you want it'll get ya when you're not looking. they also
sing another song s'muaterl which is probably the most
depressing song ever written which is song to the sweetest
most cheerful melody. the ironic portrayal here of course
being a metaphor to how indifferent the media really is to
suffering unless it's profitable to them. the video is the
singer basically apathetically interviewing the elederly
lady everytime a verse in the song depicts another tragedy
for her.
the band is EAV, it's a really stupid cheesy austrian pop
band, but it actually is really funny and has this aspect
that i've never seen in any bands in america (probably cos
i'm not looking hard enough). but in austria most bands
always have societal commentary disguised in their songs no
matter how dumb their lyrics really are, i think it's just
the way europeans and just about everybody but americans
truly care about politics.
which leads me to what i want to talk about. this tsunami
thing is crazy, but i don't understand how we're so crazed
about this incident in comparison to others. i mean there
was an earthquake in iran last year that devestated the area
but we didn't seem too up about that. i know, i know it's
better to care a little than not care at all, or care
sometimes than never, but don't people ever see just how
nicely they are led by the nose? THIS tragedy, you want to
worry about and feel guilty about, don't worry about THAT
tragedy. the selectivity of our pity is really something
that a german writer (schiller) way back. he said that the
worst aspect of the human race is their capability for phony
pity, not only is it demeaning, but it allows the human
spirit to satiate itself on the bare minimum of obligation;
aka 20 bucks to the tsunami relief fund. instead he says
that one should choose those who they really care for and
give them everything when they are in need, that way pity is
never a factor since you are not driven by your own guilt
(because all pity really is, is you comparing yourself to
another person's predicament/exultation).
this is not to say that you shouldn't do anything for the
tsunami relief but it's just to say think about those
closest to you and think about helping them maybe?