Diary Of 2005
2005-01-04 15:19:54 (UTC)

January 4th, 2005 - Doesn't make any since?

Today was a awkard day for me, my dad woke me up yelling
at me, for odd personal reason's...Stupid reason's at that.
I'm traveling to Indiana today...Joy joy...
Ive been thinking a whole lot about joinging the singing
career, but it seems kind of weird i aint never been to a
concert in my life, and ive never seen a celeberty in
person. I know there life gets rough at some points but its
not the fairytale like ppl think.Its hard work. Yea they
got the money, but at certian times they can't do
anything.But for some odd readon its what i want to be. My
family, is supporting me, but I don't think that i can do
it all the way. One day i have confedence and the next day
i don't. I have to start on demo tapes, It doesn'tever hurt
to try.
On something else,My husbaand and I got a new place, new
nice at that, with a big Front yard...and We can have pets.
Before we were leaving in an apartment that set too many
rules. ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''

| |
| |
| O O |
| L |
| ~_____~ |

Do you like my bart simpson, Im not sure how its going to
turn out, may be all oh well..its time
for me to go, I'll write back tommrow. See ya

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