my scars, my life
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2005-01-04 14:27:32 (UTC)

new year...

2005 i hope will be a promising year. I am refusing to
enter this next twelve months with the attitude that its
just a continuation of last year. Its so important to
remain positive and not let the past induce a feeling of,
well, doom about the future!

New Years Eve passed without too much of a hitch, I felt
anxious as New Year is a major trigger for me,it is when
my cousin started to abuse me. I cut myself on New Years
Day, just once on my arm, it was a bit deep but not too

But Im feeling a bit more positive about this year. It is
starting on a better footing than last year. I am going on
holiday to Tunisia in a couple of weeks and its my
birthday on the 26th January too!

rather than making resolutions I have decided to leave
somethings in 2004 and take new things into 2005.

I am leaving behind at least some of my paranoia, people
dont hate me, I am not loathesome and I have friends who
care about me.

I am leaving behind the feelings of despair, There is hope
for the furture, people survived the awful Tsunami
disaster then I can survive my life.

I am taking a sense of self belief, there is plenty that I
am good at, I can be a good and better person.

I am taking the energy to take opportunities and hunt for
them too. I need to grasp life by the horns and stride on
into this year and the next.

I hope that i can use these wishes and stick to them,
maybe I need to use a bit of that self belief to get me

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