Nathan Collers Diary
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2005-01-04 14:08:17 (UTC)

25/12/2004 (Merry Christmas)THE END OF 2004 FOR ME!!!!

Well, Well, Well !!!!!!!!
The last few months have been fun and i have met a few
people that have found a place in my heart.
Theres one in particular which i have found to be one of
the most Caring, Funny, Witty, Charismatic, Cheeky,
Handsome, Special, and Silly people i have ever met in my
entire life.

This person has been entering my thoughts more frequently
over the last few weeks. His name is Michael. Just in case
you didnt know.But i already know and considering im the
only person that reads this suggests that i didnt really
need to include his name. But Oh well!!! Lets continue....

Michael and i met at my 21st Birthday party on 28th August
2004. We got along fairly well and seeing as though two of
my friends intoduced him i gathered he was a nice person.
Evere since this meeting we continued to hang out and watch
dvd's together. This became the stepping stones of a great

We have now known eachother for four months and i have to
say, he is so much fun to be around. He makes me feel that
life is too short to waste. To have fun is what i really
need to do. Im very glad to have met him. Things are a
little more complicated now but still no regrets. Im loving
every minute that im around him. He just recently told me
that he is bi-sexual. This means a lot to me as im gay
also. he has always known this but he has always stated
that he was heterosexual. This was fine with me but i just
had to accept that he was strauight just as he accepted
that i was gay. Now with this new information about him it
turns out my feelings may be returned by his. I dunno but
ever since he has been touching me asccidentally and has
been really affectionate with me. this has me all scared
and excited at the same time. Several questions come to
mind.... Does he like me more than a friend? I dunno but
he knows. Maybe i should talk to him.... i was scared i
didnt know what to do.. He got a lot closer to me even
after the first couple of days after he came out to me.
Everey now and then he would touch me as he walked past,
Bite me when mell (My Housemate) wasnt around. Then one
night after we watched a movie he just sat up and walked
away to my staicase.. he said "Im going to bed,,, are you
coming"? I totally crapped my pants. He does wanna sleep
with me. but is it because he wants to try it out or does
he have feelings me as i do him? ARRRRGGGGHHHH

This is the big moment,,,,, It was so hot and boy was he
passionate. He kissed me like no other had kissed me
before. We were hot, Sweaty, Scared, and excited all at the
same time. We were so in awww of eachother and couldnt
believe this was actually happening. He touched me all over
my body even when he wasnt actually touching me.. i could
feel him everywhere. It wasnt strange at all. He knew
exactly what he was doing, like he had done this before.
Yet he had assured me this was his first time with a guy. I
dont usually date first timers due to their lack of
maturity and experience but he was a natural. He knew how
to make me react to him and how please me. The experience
will be one i will never forget. It was absolutely perfect
the whole time. Just being in his presence made me feel
weak and i suddenly realised that this wasnt just sex. it
was a whole lot more than that even after that first
experience. There was no strange feeling afterwards, or
that awqward silence that usually happens after a first
time encounter. We just held eachother all night and to be
honest i had the most sound sleep ive had in a long time.

From that moment everytime we were alone, we would be
touching eachother, making some excuse to touch the other.
Things are definately starting to heat up and its getting a
little frustrating having to hide it from everyone. I
understand that he cant tell anyone yet but he will soon
realise that it will be better off if he tells his closest
friends and maybe some of his family. But at this time its
a good idea to be discreet. He needs to be certain that
this is really what he wants. A title of Bi-sexual doesnt
ever go away and he needs to be sure before anything is to
be done about it. I support this 100%. Only time will tell
i suppose.

BTW Its Christmas today. Merry X-mas. Michael might be
coming over later to see me. How cool is that. Yayayayayaya

: )

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