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2005-01-04 12:18:31 (UTC)

Just a quickie!

This is just a quick entry before I leave for town. I'm
aiming to be out of the house by 1pm but we'll see. Still
got to sort out the stuff for the job centre. Damn it why
do I always leave everything til the last minute?! My
mum's always complaining that I do that! It's 11.55am and
I'm making curry! The first thing I'm eating today and
it's curry! But hey I figure if it's there I may as well!
We haven't really got anything else in the house right now

I e mailed that laydee about that job. If i tell her I'm
in London and that my phone's buggered she may just e mail
me the information which really would be easier for all
concerned. I know I would if I were her but then I don't
really like having to talk to strangers on the phone so...

My friend Simon pointed out that in my last entry I was
sounding like my old paranoid self and he was right as
much as I hate to admit that Simon is ever right! But this
morning is a brand new day and I am calm. I spoke to wench
again last night and we were cool so that's alright. I'm
looking forward to going up and hopefully by the time I
get back jobseekers would have been sorted out and I'll
have something in my bank! My dad's putting £50 in there
for me at the weekend anyway so if it isn't I'll have that
to tide me over. It wouldn't last for long but hey it's
something I can't complain at any amount of money at the
moment as anything would be more than I've got!

I know what you're thinking....what am I doing going to
London when I obviously can't really afford it?! What can
I say my priorities have always been a bit mixed up! I
know that needs to change and it will at one point. At
least I hope! Anyway staying at the wenche's being fed and
rent free gives me a bit of a stopgap. I knoow I'm making
excuses and I know that's a poor one but hey it's the best
I could come up with! Curry's ready I'm offski!