*Dacing Into The Darkness*
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2005-01-04 05:07:55 (UTC)

*how i feel and what i see*

im so blank... like i am not a human worth living. all i
see is people talking shit about people hurting others...
and such... i wish that i didnt feel so shitty... i want to
self medicate but i know i shouldnt... i give up on life.
its not worth it... i was a mistake since the day i was
born, hence my adoption. my parents call me complex but i
am actually pretty simple... except to myself. anyways i
wish people would stop being asses (school people) and i
wish people would just grow the fuck up (school people), i
need something to make me happy... notice i didnt say
someone... i gave up on that a long time ago... i wish i
could help my friends out. but i feel like i do nothing...
i wish i felt good about myself again. but then that comes
to bring me to a thought... did i ever feel good about
myself... i mean people say all i do is have bad days and
there is something wrong with me 24/7. im starting to
believe it... i wish my two closest friends would be
happier... i wish everytime i pass bleache and other
chemicals that i dont think about "it". everytime i see
pills i think...overdose. i cant stop thinking about
anything and everything..... this is how i feel and what i