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2005-01-04 03:15:05 (UTC)


most of the time i like cats, with the big exception of
when they pee on my bed. You see, my cats are very old and
a little schitso so they think that its ok to piss on my
bed. This really ticks me off because i have to change my
sheets pratically everyday to keep up with them. My room
reeks of cat piss, and it is getting on my nerves. Of
course, i love these cats every other time, except when
they piss on my bed, so i am not going to get rid of them.
Well the good news is i am finally getting my bed off the
floor, into a loft bed, hah let them try to piss on that.
well my parents are yelling at me to get off the computer
so i gotta go. psyonara