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2005-01-04 02:42:56 (UTC)

1.03.05 Turn(ing things) About

The Bottom Part is about Turnabout, Ladies.

If someone, yes, if someone could please make that
check out to Alix Coupet, JR?

that would be the random opening of the day, I
suppose. Today, it being the day that I just get
back to school from Christmas break, was still just another
day. I think it has taken me a while to realize the
benefits to having money (I am still by no means
superficial and am still not seeking a money-filled
career). It kind of does make the world go round, but I
dont feel more powerful when I have it in my wallet.

In other news,


Yeah, I'm talkin to you. I'm tryin to go, and I'm tryin to
have a good time. And if you're gonna ask, you better hurry
the heck up, before someone else does. I may say yes to the
first person who does, just for the sake of being nice, but
I gotta know that you like to have a good time. I'm not
goin with some Stiff McGriff! And ask cleverly, darn it!
Don't be on that IM stuff, and if its a phone call, make it
sexy. But I want to be chokin on lil paper notes in my
lunch that say "Alix, you have been chosen to go to
Turnabout with me." dad just told me to wash my hair, what gives? It's

Ugh, for the life of me!