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If you could only read my mind...
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2005-01-04 01:22:11 (UTC)

Diverted attention and not reacting

Hey dudes...

well i didnt see stuart on new years day cause i had to go
to my aunt n uncles house *frowns*
On sunday though i was taking meg to the cinema so he came
with us...we went to see 'a series of unfortunate events,'
which wasnt that bad to be honest, though i guess i could
have paid more attention to the film than i did. Meg liked
the film and she was sitting watching it but i was
um...distracted..quite a lot. Its stuarts fault that i
didnt see the film! lol...though then again i cant really
complain, cause its not like i would have rather watched
it...then agn it wasn't that bad a film. Kinda freaky at
some parts though, lol ^_^
When we left the cinema we tok meg back to mine... We were
in my room for like all of 5 mins before we went back up to
gh ..i was jst finding shoes to wear though (jst thought
i'd point that out incase u's thought something else! sick
minded ppl!!) We went up to gh after that...though i dont
think that was
a very gd idea, it was really cold and raining kinda a lot.
Me thinks it would have been much better jst to stay
in...well if stuart was there anyway, lol...we should have
jst stayed at mine! ^_^
The only gd thing bout going to gh was that stuart was
still out so i wasnt as cold as i could have been...lol. We
were up at the pitch for a while..it was kinda dark though
since there was no lights *frowns* Usually i hate the dark
but i guess that and the fact that our m8s rn't observant
was a gd thing...lol..
I ended up leaving at like 10pm though cause i was too cold
and it was still raining....i was glad to be able to get
home and be warm, but on the other hand, it sucked that i
left early cause then i didnt get to see stuart for as long
*frowns* and i would have very happily stayed with him for
longer...but it was too cold.
I was texing him when i got home and also on msn, but in
one of his texts he mentioned that i didnt seem to react
very much to some stuff...which kinda surprised me. I can
kinda see what he means though, i mean, i know im reacting
but i guess its not in a very noticable way, and a lot of
the time i have to kinda make sure i dont react too much
since there r other people there who r oblivious, and who
i'd rather satyed oblivious to what was happening, lol. He
pointed out that me not reacting is a reason he
stops...lol, how unfair is that?! though i can see the
reasoning behind it. the only reasons i dont react though
is cause there r ppl there, or that i do but its not very
noticable...either way, i guess if he didnt stop it would
become more noticable...but that cant happen if there r ppl
Lol...see i told u our m8s always seemed to be there...its
unfair, though i guess since every1 lives in the same place
it makes it kinda harder for them not to be there...ah
well, guess there's not much i can do about it.


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