My So Called Life
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2005-01-04 01:19:02 (UTC)


At this time, I would like to take some time to write a
poem about someone (you know who you are, although you
don't know about this site!)..Please bear with me, I
haven't written many poems, so this may not be good, but I
don't care. This is to a certain someone, and how I feel
about them. I call it, "I Still Love You."

So many nights, I think about you
Your brown hair, your brown eyes
And, suddenly, I feel happy inside
It's a feeling I've never met before

Here we are, finally together
Then after three days, I get a call
Then, suddenly, I feel like my whole world has crashed
I find out that you don't want to be with me anymore

I find out, you ask my best friend out
Because you still have feelings for her
Now, I am no longer as happy as I once was

Then, I find out, it was the other way around
She asked you out...backstabs me
I don't know how to feel anymore
I feel I can't trust anyone

I think I'm over you, what happened between us
Then, I hear a song
And now it's all I can do NOT to think about you
Those memories come rushing back to me

Oh, how I long to forget about what happened
But, for some strange reason, I just can't
It makes me wonder, makes me think, that after all this
I think I still love you