Kendra Adams

Once upon a Sunrise
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2005-01-04 00:31:36 (UTC)

looking glass**poem**

I see you through the glass
Stranger unknown
I watch you pass
You see your own reflection
But you don’t see me
I watch you pass me by
You stop. Just for a quick glance
A quick glare to see
To see who you really are
I see you and you do not see me.
What do I do?
Because I am a stranger.
I look into the glass
But you don’t look back
Am I locked inside forever?
Will you ever see me like I see you?
You don’t even see me!
Am I forgotten?
I am a stranger to you now
And you can’t feel my heart beat ‘cuz it died waiting on
You can’t hear me call your name because all of me died
waiting for you
You look into the mirror one last time
And see a child huddles in a dark corner
That is where you put me
That’s were you will find me
And you will fall into the same black hole. The same black
trap that I remain trapped in.

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