Hate This & I'll Love You
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2005-01-03 21:34:14 (UTC)

Eternal Sunshine

this is a more sensible hour to be posting an entry.

erm well yeh kinda up s**t creek at the mo.
college tomora, work (lots of work) to be dont for tomorow
tht i aint even touched yet!!

decided today to take a friends advice and stop looking
for this thing i keep obsesing over and just let time
pass. i hope to feel alot clamer and get more sleep in the
coming weeks, hopefuly a better experience for every1 who
has to interact ith me from day to day. lol
(il let u know how long it lasts btw)

went shoppping in manchester today, me and peter. had some
ace arguments lol. i bought 2 books and a piar of pants
from bench. nice stuff. duznt money seem to just float
away? should really find out where it goes. im sure its
happy wherever it is, living with its friends eating
berrys and having wars with credit cards. magical.

well best be off. gonnta convince myself to do some work,
cant see it happenin tho. ah well.

peace love n jazz