Diary of a freakin' idiot!
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2005-01-03 21:25:56 (UTC)

Is it such a crime to be different!?

Why do I not have boyfriend and my sisters do? Becasue I am
different. No one likes you if your different here in this
fucking town. You have to be the same. You have to like hip
hop music, you have to be popular, you have to get in
trouble by the teacher, you have to cuss every six seconds,
and you have to have a lot of friends. That what it take to
be liked in this town if your a girl. Here's my description
of me:

I love heavy metal or foriegn music, I ain't popular, I am
a good little quiet girl, I cuss in my mind every four
seconds, and I only have three friends. And I am gothic.
But I'm friendly, poeple! They always think I'll pull a
knife on em' or something. God, every one here in this town

They stare at me like I'm some kind of zoo animal. A kid
named Jefferey in ninth grade this year is always the
person who just fucking loves to point at me. I was late
for school wearing my black pants from hot topic, my black
shirt, black gloves with triangle spikes, my skeleton
choker, black and red converse (yeah for the cons!!!!!),
and my long black coat my mother got for me. Just donned in
my fav color that day! It felt great!

I was feeling good that day, even if I was late. I was
walking over to the other school building when Jefferey and
his friend come walking past me a few feet away from me.
And he points to me and says, "Hey! See her right there!?
Yeah! She's gothic! (laugh)" and then they started to

GOD THAT BURNS ME UP GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to walk
over and fucking hit that punk so hard, he'll bleed.

I have to get out of Amerca and get to Japan quick, or I'll
go insane!

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