Sunflower Epic
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2005-01-03 18:11:29 (UTC)

Chapter 2...I returned

I'm supposed to graduate in May. I don't know if I will. I
know I will eventually, but maybe not by May. The classes
I have to take are all so hard, and I'm such a shitty
student who knows if it will happen. And damn those stats!
And damn that professor that thought he knew everything
and was such an asshole to the whole class. And damn being
27 getting ready to graduate for the first time and not
being the least bit excited to go live away from my
mountains in the "big city" and be a "professional". I
don't know who would want to hire me anyway after they
look at my transcript. I've failed ten classes but managed
to take a break at 4:20 everyday. Could I put that on my
resume? And I go to school all of these years (ten to be
exact) and still don't learn the things I wanted to. Man,
I'm hungry.

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